Pre-REAC Audit


Due to different interpretations of the REAC protocol, the inspection process and compliance requirements can be unclear to property owners, agents and managers. We at TFI take the guesswork out the process, enabling our clients to make the best decision concerning their inspection and or property needs, before it counts. Our 100% and mock inspections not only simulate your REAC inspection, but identify crucial deficiencies that could make or break your future results. Utilizing HUD's approved DCD's and software; we cover dwelling units along with all the site, common areas, building systems and building exterior. Your Pre-REAC inspection and results are done weeks before your official HUD REAC inspection is required.


Site Prep & Maintenance

Regardless of whether TFI does your pre reac inspection or not, Site Prep is a vital component in getting great REAC scores. We inspect the work of the maintenance team to ensure that all repairs were not only completed but done correctly. We also ensure that new deficiencies are addressed before inspection day, when possible. This service gives you the greatest chance to succeed with high scores.


Our Property Maintenance service is provided to assist your staff in ensuring the Pre-REAC deficiency items are completed prior to the HUD REAC inspection. Depending on your property needs, this service can be offered up to a month before your inspection, ensuring all major violations are remedied.

REAC Escort Consultants

We provide shadowing Consultants as Escorts on the day of your REAC inspection. This allows you to be confident you are receiving not only accurate recordings of inspected items (i.e. level & location), but that all deficiencies recorded are in accordance with the UPCS protocol. Don't accept the notion that previous passing scores guarantees success on your next REAC inspection. Let us provide you with a detailed report reflecting your REAC readiness based on the current inspection results. 






For a no obligation inspection package or ale carte quote, please contact our Client Services Dept. at: (856) 817-6303 or complete our "Request an Inspections" form.