Initial/Move-In Inspections

Before a unit can be approved for occupancy under the Section 8 program, the unit must meet HOUSING QUALITY STANDARDS (HQS) performance requirements. Listed below are different types of HQS inspections we offer.


Annual Inspections

This is a yearly picture of a unit's condition. It ensures tenants are complying with their responsibilities of the program and notes damages that may have been caused by the resident. It also allows the HA to see if the owner is maintaining the property in a safe, healthy condition. This includes re-inspections and 24 hour or emergency inspections, after the annual ispection has been compleated.

Special Inspections

This is an inspection conducted when there is a complaint about a property. The complaint can originate from anyone of the three parties involved.


Move Out Inspections

This is an inspection at the termination of a lease. It must capture the condition of the property when the tenant moved out. If there is evidence of damage caused by the tenant you must provide adequate detail to support your findings. (This service is available upon request).


For a no obligation inspection package or ale carte quote, please contact our Client Services Dept. at: (856) 817-6303 or complete our "Request an Inspections" form.